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How To Use ChatGpt: 5 Steps Easy Guide

Chat gpt has taken the world of artificial intelligence by storm. It can generate the content in seconds’ which took hours in the past. Chat gpt can create text and images and can also work as your virtual assistant. The use of AI has become very formal now for many people, but if you still wonder how to use chat gpt and are still very beginner at using this tool, here is your proper guide. Here in this article, we will discuss how to use chat gpt as we have compiled a 5-step easy guide for your easiness. Furthermore, we will also discuss how to make an account on Chat gpt, how to use Chat gpt on mobile, and how to use Chat gpt 4 for free.

How To Use Chat Gpt

Here we have compiled a 5 step easy procedure for you to use chat gpt,

1. Create Your Chat Gpt Account

First of all, go to chatgpt official website, and create your account. Click on the signup button and now you just need to give your Gmail or mobile phone number for the verification process. Chatgpt will send a code or OTP to your phone number and you just have to enter that on the signup page for verification. Then set your password for sign-in.

2. Chat Gpt Login

After the signup procedure is completed now you just go to visit the chatgpt login page. Clicking on it you will see a login button and click on it. Enter your mail and chat gpt password that you set earlier and click on the login page. You will get access to chatgpt.

3. Generate And Enter Your Prompt

Now you will see a simple interface after clicking yes on all the disclaimers. Here is a simple chatbot and now you can use chat gpt. Chatgpt is a generative AI tool and its output depends upon the input you give it. So you have to be very precise, accurate, and well-crafted in entering your input (prompt) in the chat gpt chatbot.

4. Get Desired Response

After entering the right prompt chat gpt will give you an output in a reply. Here you have to read out the response if it is according to your desire. If it is not then you can click on the edit button near your input and craft your prompt for effectively for a required response. We advise you to use clear commands.

You can also generate images from chat gpt and give chatgpt an image to process too. Just click on the image button in the enter box and send the image for examination.

5. Chat Gpt Custom Instruction

You can use chat gpt custom instruction which helps chat gpt to remember your preferences while generating the response for you. By using this feature you don’t need to tell every time to chat gpt what type of response you want. Chat gpt will remember it forever. Here are the steps to follow for chat gpt custom instruction,

·         Click on your username in the top right corner.

·         Select “Settings & Beta” from the dropdown menu.

·         In the “Beta features” section, toggle on the “Custom instructions” feature.

·         Click on your username again and select “Custom instructions.”

·         Under “Enable for new chats,” toggle on the switch.

·         In the “Instructions” box, type any information or preferences you want ChatGPT to consider when responding to your prompts.

How To Use Chat Gpt On Android  

You can use Chat gpt on Android by downloading the Chat gpt app from the Google Play Store. Just search for the chat gpt app on the search bar of your Google Play Store account and the chatgpt app will pop up. Click the install button and then create an account by doing the simple sign-up method explained above. If you already have an account then click on login.

How To Use Chat Gpt 4 For Free?

Chat gpt’s latest version which is known as chatgpt plus of chat gpt 4 was released in July 2023. But it is paid version of chat gpt and you have to pay their subscription fees of $20 per month. But you can use chat gpt alternatives for free.

Google Bard:  You can use Google bard ai as the alternative to chat gpt 4. The new Bard AI chatbot is powered by Gemini AI Pro and has very enhanced capabilities. It is free to use so you can use google bard as a chatgpt alternative.  


You can use chatgpt first by creating an account on it by visiting their official website Then you have to log in to your chat gpt account and an interface with the chatbot appears. Here in the dial box you just need to put in the query you want to ask chat gpt or any picture that you want to examine. You can also download chatgpt app from Google Play Store and use chatgpt in your Android. Chatgpt has also a chatgpt 4 version which is paid and you can use its alternative Google for free.


Chatgpt 3.5 is free to use and you can create your account and use it by following the above given steps.

 Chatgpt is itself not available to use on WhatsApp but you can use it and access it through different third-party apps.

You can use Chat GPT on Android by downloading the Chat GPT app from the Google Play Store. Just search for the chat gpt app on the search bar of your Google Play Store account and the chatgpt app will pop up.

You can use chat gpt as your resume creator by allotting chatgpt in this role. Then copy and paste the description of your job and the chatgpt will create a high-quality resume.

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