How to not get caught using chat gpt

How To Not Get Caught Using Chat Gpt On Turnitin In College

After the release of chatgpt, it has become very easy for students to write their homework, assignments, and essays through ai tools like chatgpt. Chatgpt is one of the most used AI tools by students so they write their content using chatgpt. But there are many concerns about that too as students wonder if teachers can detect AI content or not. And if teachers can catch them then how they can use chatgpt without being caught?

Here in this article, we will discuss whether your ai written content can be detected through AI-detecting tools and also educate you on How to not get caught using chat gpt.

How Can You Get Caught Using ChatGpt?

It is the most common query among students who want to use chatgpt for writing academic papers, assignments, and essays. The answer to the query is that yes you can be caught while using chatgpt. The reason behind is simple you don’t know How to not get caught using chat gpt. It is not impossible to get rid so AI content detectors but just you need some techniques and methods to get rid of them.

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How Do Universities & Colleges Detect ChatGpt?

Universities and colleges have many AI tools for detecting chatgpt. These AI tools analyze the text structure, grammar, composition, and style and then predict the suspicious part of the text as AI generates. The content generated by AI has many signs it is repetitive, non-conventional, and sometimes not relative. So these AI tools just analyze the text and distinguish the AI and human written content on the basics of the way AI tools write. Here are some of the AI tools that universities use for chatgpt detection.

·         Turnitin

·         Wiki how

·         GPTZero

·         OriginalityAI

Moreover, chatbot-generated content can also be detected by humans without using AI detection tools. As the way of writing of chatgpt is can be differentiated from human writing by various points.

How To Not Get Caught Using Chat Gpt Or AI

It is actually not impossible to not get caught by any AI detector even using AI content. Many of the students think if they ever that used chatgpt or any other AI content they will be caught but here are some of the techniques to follow. Here we will teach you How to not get caught using chat gpt on Turnitin or any other AI AI-detecting tool,

1. Use ChatGpt 4

Chatgpt 4 is a very advanced AI tool and it has many advantages over chatgpt 3.5 so we always prefer you to use chatgpt 4. Chatgpt 4 can generate more human-like content than any other ai tool so your chances of getting caught through any AI tool will be minimized if you are using chatgpt 4.

2. Using Paraphrasing Tools

You can also use paraphrasing tools like Quillbot or any other tool. There are many AI tools that claim they can change AI content into human-written content. So you can also get help from those AI tools like Quillbot, Copy Leaks, and gpt minus 1, etc.

3. Change The Order Of Words And Sentences

Ai-detecting tools detect AI content through the composition of words, sentences, and through structure. So if you change the order of the words and sentences without changing the meaning of the main idea then you will be able to bypass any of the AI detecting tools hopefully.

4. Put Your Ideas In

It is not about copying the whole text and then submitting it as you have to blend your own ideas in writing. Mixing your own ideas in chatgpt content will enhance your authority as a student and will strong your case.  

5. Use Ai Detecting Tools Before Submitting Your Assignment

Before submitting your assignment or essay it is mandatory to check your content passes through AI-detecting tools. If they flag out any of the suspicious paragraphs from your content then replace that content through a paraphrasing tool or write it yourself.

What Happens If You Get Caught Using Chat GPT In College?

If you are getting caught using chatgpt then it depends upon your university or college what legal action they take on you or what legal complication you have to face.


Chatgpt is a widely used AI content generator tool that most students use to write their assignments, essays, and homework in schools, colleges, and universities. So there are many AI tools like Turnitin that can easily detect your written AI content. And if you are caught you may face some legal action from your school. Here in this article, we have explained to you some of the ways that describe How to not get caught using chat gpt.



Chatgpt content can be detected by AI detecting tools but detecting tools are not 100% accurate you can betray them.

There are many ways of using chatgpt without being detected you can change the words of your sentences or you can also use paraphrasing tools that convert ai written content into human content. So ai detecting tools will be unable to detect it.

Yes, teachers can find out if you are using chatgpt using ai detecting tools like Turnitin or manually.

Yes if you use chatgpt just for copying and pasting your content then you can easily be caught. But if you use some general techniques which we have explained above then you can get rid of it.

Just not copy and paste the whole text make some changes in order of words and also include your own ideas in it.

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