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How To Invest In OpenAI Stock | Complete Guide (2023)

Artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation disrupt every industry. In recent months, the world has gotten a hands-on experience of the remarkable advances in AI technology, including the public launches of Google’s Bard AI and OpenAI’s ChatGPT

According to the accounting and consulting firm PwC, AI can contribute %15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Considering these numbers, it is no wonder openAI stocks are getting attention from investors.

If you are an investor wondering, “How to buy OpenAI stock?” we have to share this unfortunate news that the company is currently privately owned and is not on any major stock exchange. 

Though you can’t directly buy the OpenAI stocks, there are a few stocks you can invest in to gain exposure to the artificial intelligence industry. Continue reading to learn how to invest in OpenAI by investing in the associated stocks. 

What Is OpenAI?

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research organization popularly known as the company behind the recent AI sensation ChatGPT. The main goal of the company is to make the research widely available. OpenAI operates in two segments: The non-profit OpenAI Inc. and the subsidiary OpenAI L.P for profit.

OpenAI was founded in 2015 and is famous for its GPT tech that produces coherent and human-like text from the information available on open search engines. Some other open projects include AI-generated translation software Whisper. 

Due to the blooming Artificial Intelligence industry, many investors want to know how to buy AI stocks. Unfortunately, purchasing open AI stocks is impossible as the company is a privately held research institution. Still, you can have OpenAI stocks buy exposure by investing in stocks now associated with OpenAI. 

Is OpenAi Publicly Traded?

If you are actively checking your stock trading app, you must know that there is currently no stock symbol of OpenAi. It’s because it’s a private company and hasn’t made its stock available for purchase by the public.

When companies don’t need capital through an IPO or want to do business without the pressure of Wall Street, they stay private. Just because OpenAI stock isn’t available doesn’t mean you can’t get the company exposure. You just have to be a little creative. 

Some publicly traded companies collaborate with OpenAI, and few invest in them in their early rounds. To know how to buy OpenAI stocks indirectly, you need to know who owns the company.

Open AI was founded in 2015 as a nonprofit organization by Elon Musk and a few others. Elon Musk left it in 2018. By 2019, a for-profit company, OpenAI “Limited Partnership,” was created under this parent company, OpenAI Inc. 

In 2019, Microsoft gave OpenAI Lp a $1 billion investment, which is by far the most significant contribution from any company. GPT-3 licensed is licensed exclusively to the Azure cloud service and Microsoft.

Infosys and Amazon Web Services are invested in OpenAI, but the amount isn’t released. 

When Will Open AI IPO?

To raise the initial funds and benefit the company’s growth, many successful companies raise capital to fuel the growth. However, the OpenAI doesn’t seem to have the same perspective. 

In June 2023, OpenAI ECO and the co-founder Sam Altman explained that their company has yet to have a current plan for conducting an IPO. Firstly, the company doesn’t have any need for additional capital. Secondly, they are concerned that listing their shares on the public stock exchange can ultimately hinder their ability to develop AI.

How To Buy Open AI Stock?

The most straightforward answer is that you can’t right now. In addition, there is no timeline given by the company to tell you when you can do so. 

However, the best thing you can do right now is buying the stocks of the publicly traded companies that have invested in OpenAI. Here are the most famous stocks you can buy to support indirectly in OpenAI. 


The best way to invest in Open AI is by buying Microsoft shares (MSFT 0.17%). In 2019, the Microsoft company made a whopping $1 billion investment in Open AI. It partnered with Open AI to develop fantastic AI supercomputing technologies like Azure Cloud Platform. OpenAI moved its services to the Azure platform as part of the agreement. 

For marketing the new AI technologies, Microsoft has also become Open AI’s preferred partner. In 2023, Microsoft is aggressively integrating OpenAI’s technology into its application. The company has also integrated the OpenAI technology into the Microsoft 365 productivity apps. The new features benefit the users in many ways, making it popular. 

When Will OpenAI Go Public?

The company isn’t publicly traded, but as Microsoft is prominent, investors can have indirect Open AI exposure by purchasing Microsoft shares. The people who want to have direct exposure would have to look at the latest news about the Initial public offerings updates.  

Till mid-Sept 2023, there are no Open AI IPO plans, but according to the Wall Street Journal, AI lab is talking with venture capital firms to sell shares worth $300 million in the company. 

Though you currently may not be able to invest in OpenAI, you can always invest in the artificial intelligence market through publicly traded options. Here are the few famous tech companies conducting artificial intelligence research, like the OpenAI. 

TickerCompanyPerformance Year
NVDANVIDIA Corporation221.37%
SYMSymbotic INC. 159.42%
HLXHelix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. 147.10%, Inc. 93.87%
ATSATS Corporation50.00%


Can I buy stocks in OpenAI?

You can’t directly buy their stocks because Open AI is a private company. However, you can indirectly do so by buying Infosys, Amazon, and Microsoft stocks, which are publicly traded companies with some exposure to the Open AI stocks. 

Does OpenAI have an IPO?

No, currently, OpenAI hasn’t listed its share on stock exchanges. Besides, the company hasn’t announced any plans to go public either. 

Who owns OpenAI?

Investors, including Reid Hoffman, Khosla Ventures, and Microsoft, own openAI. However, as the OpenAI is privately owned, a public announcement of the exact ownership structure has yet to be announced. Some of the founders of OpenAI are the investors who own the company. 

Is OpenAI listed?

Unlike public companies, private companies have more flexibility in the management and reporting of earnings and don’t publicly fundraise as well. As of September 2023, OpenAI is a private company with no ticker or symbol you can search to invest through. 

Final Words

Currently, OpenAI is the strongest leader in the generative AI world. Besides, it is undoubtedly not just a temporary trend that can fade. OpenAI technology can help usher in a new era where AI plays a significant role in every aspect of society. 

Though you won’t be able to invest in OpenAi directly, you can buy the stocks of other companies that profit from AI advancement. 

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