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How To Get ChatGpt Unblocked? Easy Fixes If Your Chat Blocked

Whenever we talk about AI tools the first and main name that pops up in our mind is chatgpt. Chatgpt has completely revolutionized the way we write and think. It is widely used in schools, universities, marketing, social media, and business where its impact is very high. It is built on a natural language processing model which makes chatgpt understand and generate human-like responses. That’s why it is so successful. But as always with many benefits some complexities also come so some of the time the user faces a problem named Chatgpt blocking your conversation. Here in this article, we will explain what is chatgpt unblocked, why this problem happens, and how we can unblock chatgpt.

Why does chatgpt block my conversation?

Sometimes you can’t access ChatGpt as you see an error ChatGpt blocked your conversation so there might be these problems due to which you have been blocked by chatgpt.

 Your university/school may have restricted the use of ChatGPT: One of the possible reasons that you are unable to use chat gpt and are blocked from ChatGpt is that your educational institute has blocked chatgpt because many of the students copy their assignments from chatgpt. Copying and submitting assignments on chatgpt doesn’t benefit students, so that’s why educational institutes block chatgpt for their students.

You may be residing in one of the chatgpt-restricted countries: Chatgpt services are available worldwide but there are some countries where chatgpt services are not available. Here are those countries and you can see if you’re among them or not. China, Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Italy, Iran, Hong Kong, Egypt, Venezuela, Belarus, Lybia, Yemen, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Central African Republic, Burundi, and  Eritrea,

You may have violated chatgpt privacy policy: chatgpt is very sensitive when it comes to the violation of their terms and conditions so if by mistake you have ever violated their privacy policy they will block you from chatgpt.

Ways to get Chatgpt unblocked

There are several ways you can get chatgpt unblocked for school. Here are some of the easy fixes to get chatgpt unblocked script.  

1. Use VPN

Using VPN services is one of the easiest ways to unblock your chatgpt conversation and it is very easy too. Actually by using vpn your location changes from where you are trying to access chatgpt so you get chatgpt unblocked. so Here are some of the easy steps to get chatgpt unblocked for school free.

Ø  Install a compatible VPN

Ø  Choose an appropriate location on VPN such as the USA, UK, and other countries where chatgpt services are available.

Ø  After connecting to a reliable location go to

Ø  Signup or login to your chatGPT account and start using chatgpt.

Recommended VPNs

·         ExpressVPN (paid)

·         NordVPN (paid)

·         Surf Shark (paid)

·         Proton VPN (free)

2. Use proxies

Another way to get chatgpt unblocked is using proxies of different locations. Whenever you apply any proxy on your computer the IP address of your computer changes and so chatgpt experiences the location whose proxy you have set. Using proxies can also benefit you in using chatgpt.

3. Using web browser extensions

You can also change the IP address of you and get chatgpt unblocked if you use web browser extensions. This web browser extension helps you to change your location and IP address so you become able to get chatgpt unblocked. Here are some of the web browser extensions.

·         GeoProxy

·         CyberGhost

·         Windscribe

·         Stealthy

Contact support

If for some reason you are unable to unblock chatgpt and are still facing the same problem again you can contact chatgpt help center and ask them for help. Just describe to them your problem and they will be up to the mark with their best customer care service.

Chatgpt unblocked for school

If your educational institute has blocked the chatgpt services you can still use chatgpt. Often universities block these types of sites so that students don’t copy their educational assignments from it but you can still access chatgpt from other platforms except OpenAI using third-party apps. Moreover, you can also use VPN, proxy, and web browser extensions for that purpose too. You can also use chatgpt alternatives for this purpose.

Chatgpt alternatives free

There are many alternatives to chatgpt for free and you can use it in place of chatgpt for free.

1. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is a chatbot for content writing like articles, blogs, and social media writing developed by Write Sonic. It is also a very powerful tool and generates excellent responses. It can be used by the people who face the problem of chatgpt blockage in their country for free and their paid plan too.

2. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft is one of the most advanced AI tools created and it is created by one of the biggest tech giants Microsoft so you can imagine the compatibility of this tool. Moreover, this tool is a multimodal tool where you can get the output not only in text form but also in the form of images and videos. This tool is completely free to access and you can use it for free through any web browser.  


How do you use ChatGPT if it is blocked?

You can still use chatgpt if you are blocked if you connect to any of the compatible and reliable VPN services.

Can I get unblocked from ChatGPT?

To get chatgpt unblocked you have to use proxies, VPN services, and other web browser extensions.

How do you unblock a chatbot?

To unblock chatbots you just need to change the IP address of yourself by selecting the proxy or VPN of the location where chatgpt services are available for example USA.


Chatgpt is used worldwide and benefits a lot of its users but in some countries and educational institutes to prevent its unethical use it is blocked. So to get chatgpt unblocked you have to use proxies, VPN services, and other web browser extensions. So can also use chatgpt alternatives like ChatSonic and Bing.

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