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Google Gemini AI: Is It The Best AI Model Till Now?

We are living in the modern era where artificial intelligence is deciding the future of every industry. We have already seen the influence of chat gpt on every industry. Chatgpt just revolutionized every field whether it is business, marketing, content creation, or education. Here now we are expected to see another interesting turnaround after the tech giant Google Alphabet released its AI model as the competitor to OpenAI chat gpt. Google has recently released their most awaited AI tool in collaboration with deep mind Google Gemini AI. They are calling this model as world’s most capable artificial intelligence model.

Here in this article we will discuss and reveal to you all the things that you need to know about ai Gemini from Google and how you can access it. Furthermore, we will also run a comparison between AI models’ current king chat gpt 4 and Gemini.

Google Gemini Ai: A Multimodal

It is a multimodal AI tool that not only can generate text but also works with audio, codes, images, and videos. Google and Deepmind have been working on their mega project for a very long time since they came up with this giant valuable Gemini AI into the artificial intelligence world. It has been built on PaLM 2 or simply we can say it as Pathways Language Model 2 which uses ai enhanced advanced capabilities to generate the content and run human types of work more efficiently.

Google Gemini Release Date

Gemini Google AI has been released in 3 versions,

Gemini Nano: Gemini Nano was released on the 6th of December 2023. It is one of their tiny Gemini models which have been specially made for smartphones. Gemini Nano integrates into your Gboard and suggests you ai generate replies for your message. It is only available for Pixel 8 devices by Google but shortly Google plans to increase its range.

Gemini Pro: Gemini Pro AI was released on the 13th of December 2023. Gemini is built to enhance the capabilities and the abilities of Google pre existing AI model Bard. It has been integrated into Google Bard AI which makes ordinary bard advanced bird or Gemini bird pro.

Gemini Ultra: Google and Deepmind planned to release Gemini Ultra in 2024 as chat gpt 4 competitors it has not been released yet but the hype from the Google demo of Gemini has just left the world in wow.

Google Gemini Parameters

Gemini Nano has been trained on 1.8 billion to 3.75 billion parameters.

Gemini Pro has been trained on 137 billion parameters.

Gemini Pro-Vision handles multimodal tasks (text with images/video) and has the highest parameter count of 275 billion.

How To Access Google Gemini?

Since Google Gemini has been released in three separate versions whereas Gemini Ultra has yet to be released there are different methods to access Google Gemini for different versions.

§  Like if you want to access Gemini Nano then you just have to use pixel 8 devices and Google Gemini Nano is already integrated in it and you can access it.

§  And if you want to use and access Gemini Pro then you can do it through Google Bard as Gemini Pro has been integrated into Bard making ordinary Bard an advanced Bard or Bard Pro.

§  As Gemini Ultra has yet to be released somewhere in 2024, you can’t access it right now.

Google Gemini Ai Sign Up  

Google Gemini ai sign-up is not required for accessing Gemini you can easily access ai Gemini through Google Gemini ai login.

Google Gemini AI Login

The separate login for Gemini has yet to be released as both the two versions of Gemini that have been released are integrated with pre-existing models. For Gemini Nano login you just have to turn on your pixel 8 devices and it is integrated in it and you can simply use it. Or further if you are still unable to use it then go to settings and update your system.

And for Gemini Pro login follow these simple steps,

ü  Go to Google Bard ai and register your account doing signup.

ü  Or if you already have a Bard account then click login.

ü  After login in you can use Gemini Pro.

AI Gemini Vs Chat GPT 4

Google Gemini modal Gemini pro which is integrated into Bard is equal to the chatgpt 3.5 version and both have almost the same capabilities and are equal in generating human-like content. But Gemini Ultra about which the great hype as chat gpt 4 competitors has been created is yet to be released. But as Google uploaded the video on their social media platform its capabilities are more looking like chatgpt vision. Google has claimed that Deepmind Gemini easily outclassed chatgpt 4 but many of the advanced users are claiming Gemini has been overrated and doesn’t surpass chatgpt 4. But still, unarguably Gemini holds the future of AI.


Gemini will take down the world of artificial intelligence as the next year of 2024 belongs to it, Most probably it will replace the PaLM model of Google which drives all the Google services like Maps, drive, and Workspace, etc. it will also be integrated into the form of a chatbot which will create a thousand time more human-like ai content. So we are just on the verge of entering the world that will be shaped by Google Gemini.


It is a multimodal AI tool released by Google to compete with chatgpt 4.

Yes, google released only two versions of Gemini which are free to use.

Google is claiming it is the most capable AI model in the world but still, the ultra version of Gemini is yet to be released so we have to wait until we conclude any final result.

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