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Many AI tools claim AI content detection but which AI tool you should trust and why ai content detection is so important? AI content detection provides us insights into whether the content is written by a human or through any other AI tool like chatgpt 4 or Gemini AI.

Here in this article, we will explain to you about is the best AI content detection tool Contentscale AI content detector, how to use it, and its accuracy rate followed by some of its alternatives

Content At Scale

Content at scale is an AI tool that provides you with undetectable AI content which more like human. It is used to generate humanized long articles and blogs for you. It is highly used by content writers, marketers, and businessmen for generating undetectable AI content. They have also developed their AI detection tool content at scale content detector.

Contentscale AI Content Detector

It is a content detector AI tool developed by content at scale. So they also have generated their AI content detector tool which detects whether the content is AI written or not. Content at scale AI content detector is a large language model that is trained on vast amounts of data from Wikipedia, other blog posts, and other online sources. And it will immediately give you results about your content nature.

How To Use Contentscale At Content Detector?

It has a straightforward interface to use. You just have to copy and paste the text that you want to analyze and click on the check button. Now it will give you a result in the bar with a percentage from 0 to 100%. Moreover, it also highlights the text paragraphs with the following colors mentioning the following insights,

·         Red for complete AI content

·         Green for completely human-generated content

·         Yellow for human and AI mixed probably for humanized ai generated content

·         Orange showing the probability of AI content

Accuracy Rate

Contentscale AI content detector accuracy rate is 98% which shows the capability of this AI tool. Moreover, its reviews on Reddit are also very satisfying. It can detect chatgpt 4, Gemini, bard, and jasper ai content very accurately.

Ai Detector Free

Besides its high accuracy rates a thing that made this AI tool a worth-using tool is its pricing. It is free and you can access Contentscale AI detector free just by visiting their official website.

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Use Cases

·         It is used by marketing agencies to detect the content of their members if they are submitting the ai generated content.

·         It is used for plagrism detection too.

·         It is also used for scanning blog posts and articles.

·         It can also used by universities and colleges for analyzing submitted assignments and research papers.


Here are some of the content scale AI detector alternatives,

§  Copyleaks AI detector

§  Sapling AI detector

§  Originality ai

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