Askthee AI

Askthee AI: Use Cases And Key Features

Now you can ask your queries from your ideal personalities using an AI tool named Askthee. Here in this article, we will discuss what the Askthee AI tool is and how can you use it.

Ever you thought what if you could talk to someone historical or current public figure you are inspired by? As a human, we always idealize someone from whom we get inspiration. But most of the time we never get a chance to meet them. But what if I say it is now possible to ask questions from them in this world full of wonders? You might be shocked but it has become the reality.

Askthee Ai

Askthee is an AI tool that allows you to ask your queries from your favorite personalities, no matter whether he is Einstein, Aristotle, any politician, celebrity, or a sportsman. You can ask them whatever you want and this AI chatbot will use generative human-like text to answer your query from the perspective of that person.

It is an advanced natural language model that is powered by the gpt-3.5 turbo model and developed by Vlad. It provides you a chance to engage with the best minds and share their perspective of thinking.

How To Use Askthee Ai

1.       Select the personality you want to talk about.

2.       Post your question in any language you want to ask.

3.       Get your answer and be ready to pose another one.

Features Askthee AI

Here are some of the standout features of this amazing AI tool,


It is a multilanguage AI model and you can put any language and also get answers in your desired language as well.


The most interesting thing about this AI tool is that you can only ask 3 questions in 24 hours. It doesn’t allow the users to ask more queries.

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User-Friendly Interface

It has easiest of the interface and you can easily use it.

Other Projects

Besides these remarkable features, Askthee official website has many other features and projects. Here is a simple overview of them.

Merchants: They have merchants to sell on their website and you can buy their accessories. Moreover, they have other projects too,

Doodleai: It is used for generating animations and doodles while chatting for engaging purposes.  

Thisroomdoesnotexist: It is for designing and generating realistic images of the rooms.

ChefJeePT: It is for getting the recipe and the ingredients of any dish.

Possible Use Cases

·         You can use it for asking questions to your favorite historical personality.

·         You can also chat with current celebrities and famous people like Elon Musk.

·         If you want to be more engaging then you can use their Doodleai for creating animations.

·         You can also buy shirts and their accessories from their official website Askthee vercel app.

·         They have ChefJeePT from where you can get recipes and ingredients for the dish.

·         By using Thisroomdoesnotexist project you can easily design realistic rooms.

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